problem using python-ldap under fcgi

Matej Vela vela at
Wed Aug 27 23:01:55 CEST 2008

Michael Ströder <michael at> writes:

> But let's look at the blog entry which convinced you to try patching 
> python-ldap (see 
> "Some other searching suggests that python-cdb’s use of PyMem_DEL is no 
> longer recommended."
> That's pretty unprecise, not even a single URL.
> But if somebody can add more detailed information to this it could be 
> helpful to dive into this. IMO an admirable goal of python-ldap is not 
> to fall back behind what's considered current best practice when writing 
> extension modules for CPython.

I think the blog writer was bitten by <>.
In Python 2.5, PyMem_DEL and PyObject_Del are no longer interchangeable;
memory allocated by PyMem_NEW needs to be deallocated by PyMem_DEL, and
likewise for PyObject_New and PyObject_Del.

A similar (automated) report was filed for python-ldap, and I've
verified that it doesn't apply -- <>.



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