Creating Active Directory Objects

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Wed Sep 3 00:27:47 CEST 2008

On 8/30/08, Michael Ströder <michael at> wrote:
> Randy wrote:
>> Mike (or anyone else who has successfully changed an Active Directory
>> password using python-ldap over SSL),
>> I have not found an update in the archives to your last message on
>> this subject (below).  Can you perhaps share some Python code showing
>> how to add or change the password for an Active Directory user via
>> LDAP over SSL?
> Recent web2ldap changes unicodePwd in AD. You could set trace_level=2 in
> etc/web2ldap/web2ldapcnf/ to see what's passed to python-ldap.
> For the SSL part see Demo/ in python-ldap's source
> distribution. Off course you have to check back with your admin whether
> SSL is enabled in your AD DCs and which CA cert to install on the client
> side.
> Ciao, Michael.

Thanks for the quick reply Michael.

I installed web2ldap 0.16.41, but have not been able to connect via
SSL and Bind to my Active Directory test machine (running Microsoft's
ADAM server on WinXP, which I have successfully
connected/authenticated with over SSL using MS's ldp.exe utility).  I
am not completely sure I need to do a simple bind, in order to change
a user password in Active Directory, when I have both the old and new
passwords, given the other comments by Mike in this thread.

Does web2ldap have a public SVN or CVS repository where I might view
the changes that allow web2ldap to change the unicodePwd in AD, and
hence get some hint as to where in the code this magic is happening?

This task may be easy for someone with LDAP experience, but I have
virtually no experience with LDAP (or AD either).

Thanks again,

- Randy

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