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Sat Nov 22 00:18:54 CET 2008

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OpenLDAP CVS has just added support for a new LDAP option
LDAP_OPT_X_NOCANON. This option turns off host canonicalization based
on reverse DNS in OpenLDAP. The attached patch makes this option
available in python-ldap.

One use case for this option is environments where you don't need
reverse DNS for canonicalization, or where you have server-side
canonicalization. This works great in Windows environments, especially
so because there reverse DNS is often wrong.

If you combine this LDAP option with the setting "rdns = no" in your
/etc/krb5.conf, you are now able to use SASL/GSSAPI to authenticate to
an LDAP server that has no or no proper reverse DNS.

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