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Waldemar Osuch waldemar.osuch at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 20:44:36 CEST 2009

2009/4/7 Michael Ströder <michael at stroeder.com>:
> Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>> Personally, I haven't had the need to search for a service that offers
>> something like SF, including version control and bug tracking. I
>> either use my own systems, or those used by the Zope developer
>> community.
> I tend to either ask the folks at python.org what they could provide or
> set up a separate thing. Another option I'd like would be to ask the
> OpenLDAP project to host python-ldap. At the moment there are not many
> contributions by other developers so I'd keep things simple anyway.
>> One candidate you could look at, if you have a minute, is Launchpad.
>> They have all kinds of nice services, but there's one big drawback:
>> They force you onto their own VCS (bzr).
> That's a show-stopper. I don't a want proprietary VCS.

Bazaar [http://bazaar-vcs.org/] is not a proprietary.
It is licensed under GPL-2 and coded in Python, same as Mercurial.
It's usage is dictated by the service, similar to others:
Launchpad -> bzr
Google -> svn
BitBucket -> hg
GitHub -> git


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