Apache DS ignores attrsonly

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Mon Jul 13 11:51:29 CEST 2009

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Thorsten Kampe wrote:
>> [4]>>> connection.search_s('ou=system', ldap.SCOPE_SUBTREE, 
>> filterstr='(cn=*)', attrlist = ['cn'], attrsonly = True)
> Just a wild guess: Could you please try again with attrsonly=1. Note
> that this API has its roots in Python 1.x times where there was no
> Boolean True/False type. It would be worth handling that gracefully though.

Which versions of Python and python-ldap are you using?

I've tested it with my local OpenLDAP server with Python 2.6 and
python-ldap 2.3.8 built against OpenLDAP RE24 libs:

>>> l.search_ext_s('dc=stroeder,dc=de',0,'(objectclass=*)',attrsonly=0)
[('dc=stroeder,dc=de', {'description': ['Wurzeleintrag f\xc3\xbcr
lokales Adressbuch von Michael Str\xc3\xb6der'], 'labeledURI':
['http://www.stroeder.de', 'http://www.block-floete.de'], 'objectClass':
['domain', 'labeledURIObject', 'domainRelatedObject'],
'associatedDomain': ['stroeder.com'], 'dc': ['stroeder'], 'o':
['Michaels'], 'seeAlso': ['dc=stroeder,dc=com']})]
>>> l.search_ext_s('dc=stroeder,dc=de',0,'(objectclass=*)',attrsonly=1)
[('dc=stroeder,dc=de', {'description': [], 'labeledURI': [],
'objectClass': [], 'associatedDomain': [], 'dc': [], 'o': [], 'seeAlso':
>>> l.search_ext_s('dc=stroeder,dc=de',0,'(objectclass=*)',attrsonly=True)
[('dc=stroeder,dc=de', {'description': [], 'labeledURI': [],
'objectClass': [], 'associatedDomain': [], 'dc': [], 'o': [], 'seeAlso':

So it seems that it simply works.

Ciao, Michael.

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