version 2.3.8

Michael Ströder michael at
Fri Jul 31 16:57:01 CEST 2009

Waldemar Osuch wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 9:07 AM, Larry kavanagh<larrykavanagh at> wrote:
>> Hi ..
>> Triying to install python-ldap-2.3.8 using the EXE on a server (windows
>> 2000)  that has python 2.4.4 installed (or so the plone site tells me)
>> however it won't install and tells me that "python 2.4 required which
>> was not found in the registry"
> I think this is related to how Plone gets installed this days.
> Googling found this:
> it seems to be relevant.

Waldemar, thanks for pointing us to that issue. It seems to me the
Windows installer for Plone should be fixed.

Ciao, Michael.

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