SASL GSSAPI under Win32

Waldemar Osuch waldemar.osuch at
Wed Aug 19 22:03:45 CEST 2009

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 11:25 AM, Torsten
Kurbad<python-ldap at> wrote:
> Hi list,

> But anyway, here's a new .egg for testing:

Unfortunately it did not work for me either but your dedication to the
cause prompted
me to test my version of the build some more :)

My build is not static anymore.  Now I put all the required *.dll(s)
into site-packages\ldap directory.
I also put the _ldap.pyd in there too so the extension can find them.
This approach work for all the dlls except the SASL plugins.

If I put the SASL plugin dlls into into "C:\CMU\bin\sasl2" then they
will be found.
In my environment only DIGEST-MD5 and NTLM got loaded but NTLM did not work.
I have got 'Authentication method not supported' error.

Now the question is, should I continue to pretend that SASL mechanisms
are supported?
Are the 2 or rather 1.5 available mechanisms worth the effort?

I hope Torsten will be successful but I feel ready to give up on SASL
support in my builds.
They never really worked out of the box anyway.

If you are depending on existing SASL support in my builds it is time
to speak up.
Unless Torsten is successful, the 2.3.9 build will not have it.


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