Expired server certificate

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Mon Sep 14 15:08:00 CEST 2009


I've learned the hard way now that settings in .ldaprc and ldap.conf have
precedence over what you set in your Python code via ldap.set_option() or
LDAPObject.set_option(). Best thing is to use this code-line to completely
switch off processing of .ldaprc and ldap.conf in libldap:


Ciao, Michael.

Fredrik Melander wrote:
>> Hmm, there's nothing you can do at the python-ldap level. AFAIK cert
>> validation is completely done within the OpenSSL libs, except the host name
>> checking.
>> Could you please test with OpenLDAP's command-line tool ldapsearch. This is
>> important: Please use the tool which uses the very same libldap also used for
>> python-ldap.
>> If ldapsearch fails this would be something to raise on the openldap-software
>> mailing list together with information about your build of libldap and the
>> SSL/TLS libs used. Note that libldap could be build with GnuTLS or today even
>> with Mozilla's libnss.
>> Ciao, Michael.
> Hi, Michael.
> Thanks for your reply. I've been looking into this, trying stuff on
> different machines and once again it's the frustrating issue of
> different OpenLDAP versions.
> You might not remember this but I posted a question to this list a
> couple of mounths ago about the chase referrals flag which also turned
> out to be treated differently depending on OpenLDAP version.
> One of my machines here has (let's call it A) the RPM
> openldap2-client-2.3.37-20.8 installed. While as another one (B) has
> openldap2-client-2.4.9-7.4 (libldap-2.3.so.0 and  libldap-2.4.so.2
> respectively).
> Of course you're right that python-ldap has nothing to do with this,
> since ldapsearch gives the same results:
> Computer A:
> ldapsearch -x -h "host.domain.de" -b "o=myorg,dc=net" -ZZ
> ldap_start_tls: Connect error (-11)
>         additional info: error:14090086:SSL
> routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed
> Computer B:
> ldapsearch -x -h "host.domain.de" -b "o=myorg,dc=net" -ZZ
> # extended LDIF
> #
> # LDAPv3
> # base <o=myorg,dc=net> with scope subtree
> # filter: (objectclass=*)
> # requesting: ALL
> #
> I'm posting this in case somebody runs into similar issues and also in
> the hope that somebody has a suggestion on how to solve this. I might
> also need to point out that it isn't about these two computers only.
> That would be trivial. The application is going to be distributed in a
> fairly big organization and I can't possibly demand that everybody has
> the same OpenLDAP version.
> The most frustrating thing is perhaps that it is the old version that
> has the desired behaviour. I know this is a bit off topic, but surely
> there must be a way to check this also in later versions? It'd be much
> appreciated if anybody could point me in the right direction here.
> Best regards,
> Fredrik

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