SASL GSSAPI under Win32

Torsten Kurbad python-ldap at
Mon Aug 24 11:37:18 CEST 2009

Hi Michael,

> >
> Many thanks for this! I don't know how persistent this link will be.
> So do you mind if I add this as-is to python-ldap's source
> distribution? In the long run we can add this in file
> Doc/installing.rst.

yes, please do so.

As for the .dll inclusion in .eggs: You are right, .eggs are indeed
simply .zip files. But they are "enriched" by an internal directory and
file structure that has to be recorded during build.
There is an option (IMHO extra_data) to include .dlls and other
"extras" in a subdirectory called DATA. I didn't use that option so
far, since I'd still prefer a completely static solution.

Anyway, I'll try to build a combined solution (static libsasl2,
plugin .dlls) now. If I succeed building a static libsasl2 that loads
its plugins from the standard location, and also to include the plugin
.dlls into the .egg somehow, we could take it from there. What do you

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