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Michael Ströder michael at
Fri Dec 18 09:53:50 CET 2009

Christian Oudard wrote:
> 2009/12/17 Michael Ströder <michael at>:
>> In this case I'm not familiar with which was written by David and
>> after glancing over it I strongly dislike some of the assumptions made
>> therein. So I'm not going to touch that now because of lack of time.
> I'm in the process of adapting to be a general purpose mock
> ldap test server for running unit tests against. I would be interested
> in contributing improvements to it that keep it compatible with the
> test suite of python-ldap.
> Specifically, what sort of assumptions are you trying to get rid of?

Some short comments:

1. It should also work on Windows which is not possible with the currently
implemented filename handling.

2. Probably a template for slapd.conf should be used which can be more easily
adapted to various OpenLDAP releases, especially no references to specific
schema files etc.

3. Data should be kept locally in a sub-directory like with OpenLDAP's test
suite. No need for /var/blurb.

4. The assumption about slapd executable being in something like /usr/sbin/ is
wrong. Rather the full path to slapd and slaptest should be specified.

Ciao, Michael.

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