Multiple Email Values

Michael Ströder michael at
Wed Dec 30 15:08:01 CET 2009

Christoph Holtermann wrote:
> I have a basic question about data representation in LDAP.
> I know just this list, maybe you can point me to the right one.

For general LDAP questions you might find ldap at more helpful since
there are more people lurking there.

> I use LDAP for storing my contacts. I keep thinking about the
> simple case of people having multiple email.

Unfortunately this case is not simple.

> One case
> would be to have an attribute "mail" another one "mozillaSecond
> Email". On the other hand I know that it
> is possible to store multiple values in the corresponding LDAP-
> attribute. but i wonder how it could be possible to also store
> an additional information about these email. For example
> Hans Wurst has
> a at b.c "work",
> b at b.c "outdated since 2000"...
> I guess that this is not possible or needs complex modifications.
> Does anybody know something helpful about this ?

The big question is what your LDAP-enabled MUAs or other LDAP clients expect
in the attribute 'mail' or how you can configure the clients used to handle
other attributes etc. E.g. I don't any MUA which handles multiple attribute
values in 'mail' in a smart way. Simply the first value is taken.

I guess at the end you'll find yourself to add separate entries for all e-mail
adresses and office locations.

Ciao, Michael.

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