Re: How get get more search results than the server’s sizelimit?

Dave Kirby dave.x.kirby at
Mon Jan 18 15:18:56 CET 2010

2010/1/18 Michael Ströder <michael at>:
Dave Kirby wrote:
>> but according to the python-ldap
>> docs controls are not supported for the search functions even though
>> they are for other functions.
> Which version of python-ldap and docs are you referring to?

I was referring to the docs online at and the
latest version in CVS at

They both say under the LDAPPObject.search_xxx functions:

* serverctrls* not implemented yet.
* clientctrls* not implemented yet.

So I assumed that controls were not implemented for the search
functions.  I guess the docs need updating.

Thanks for the response - I now have enough information to do what I want.



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