Roadmap for python-ldap 2.4

Michael Ströder michael at
Mon Mar 21 19:48:06 CET 2011


I'd like to get final release 2.4.0 out begin of May and I'm currently
thinking of what should still to be added. Focus is still Python 2.x.

There are some considerations which I'm not sure about yet:

1. Unicode support for DNs, filter strings, etc. but not entry attributes!
(Everybody asking for the latter should check the mailing list archive first.)

2. Split LDAPControl into separate classes LDAPRequestControl and

3. OID-based registry especially for response controls so they can be decoded
on-the-fly when received before being returned to the calling application.

4. Use module logging for debug trace messages. I've already added the *very*
simple sub-module ldap.logger.

5. Use pyasn1 to implement more controls and extended operations.

Input welcome.

Ciao, Michael.

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