[python-ldap] Are there still enough python 2.1 users for python-ldap classes to be old style?

Chris Dukes pakraticus at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 20:05:25 CEST 2011

I know per the FAQ python-ldap is tested with python 2.0 and up and
should work with python 1.5.  But given that python-ldap 2.4 requires
openldap 2.4, is there any point in the classes remaining old style?

At first glance only
ldap/schema/models.py:class SchemaElement:
ldap/schema/subentry.py:class SubSchema:
ldap/__init__.py:class DummyLock:
ldap/async.py:class AsyncSearchHandler:
ldap/controls.py:class LDAPControl:
ldap/ldapobject.py:class SimpleLDAPObject:
ldap/resiter.py:class ResultProcessor:
ldap/sasl.py:class sasl:
dsml.py:class DSMLWriter:
ldapurl.py:class LDAPUrlExtension:
ldapurl.py:class LDAPUrl:
ldif.py:class LDIFWriter:
ldif.py:class LDIFParser:

would need to be updated to new style objects.

Chris Dukes

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