[python-ldap] connect via a socket object

Salman Aljammaz s at 0x65.net
Sun May 29 18:24:09 CEST 2011

2011/5/29 Michael Ströder <michael at stroeder.com>:
> Not yet. One could wrap OpenLDAP's function ldap_init_fd() for that purpose.
> Feel free to submit a patch. But not sure whether ldap_init_fd() is already
> present in the OpenLDAP libs you're using.

thanks, i'll have a look at that.  i'm not sure i have the time to
promise anything now but i'll send a patch if i ever get around to it

> Maybe I don't get the point. Normally VPNs are invisible to LDAP connections
> since they route IP packets. What's so special with your VPN?

heh, maybe vpn wasn't the correct word here.  it's behind a firewall,
and i'm currently just setting up a (transparent) vpn connection.  but
that's a privileged operation and is not an option where this
application will eventually be deployed.

the alternative would be to set up an ssh tunnel.  i was thinking of
using paramiko and passing its connection to python-ldap.  the uglier
approach is to run /bin/ssh with port forwarding (-L) whenever the
connection is needed, which seems to be what i'll be doing :-)


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