[python-ldap] older python versions not available anymore

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Tue Jun 7 19:28:23 CEST 2011


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Peter Jacobs wrote:
> We use the python-ldap library in our Plone installations.
> Recently when running a buildout installation script, it broke when
> downloading python-ldap version 2.3.11.

Can you please give more details?

> It turns out that this version has been removed from pypi:
> http://pypi.python.org/packages/source/p/python-ldap/
> This seems to me very inconvenient for a lot of people, as we depend on
> specific versions of packages.
> E.g. on our RedHat 5.5 server we cannot use 2.3.12 because it gives an error
> (dependency on some version of some other system library?)

Which error? Note that in 2.3.13 there was a build error fixed for older 
OpenLDAP libs which affected older RHEL versions etc.

> We will try to solve this issue for ourselves by implementing our own local
> egg cache, but I think it would be a plus for many people to keep older
> versions online?

Hmm, I'm not convinced...

Ciao, Michael.

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