[python-ldap] older python versions not available anymore

Peter Jacobs peter.jacobs at icts.kuleuven.be
Fri Jun 10 10:50:44 CEST 2011

>> So the proposal is to just keep the older versions online, so people can
>> upgrade at their own pace?
> Yes, but people using an older version might run into problems already fixed
> (see python -tt above) and people ask for support.
> Could we agree on that in this case you update to 2.3.13
>   which is mainly a bug
> fix release compared to 2.3.11? It can still be built with OpenLDAP 2.3 libs.
Of course, that is a good solution for now, and I will also upgrade to 
2.4.0 when all our systems are upgraded.
Still, this issue will come up again in the future. It seems there are 
some fundamental differences in the ways people work with versions and 
use the packages on pypi, so I give up for now :-)

What I am going to do:
* I will put the 2.3.13 and the 2.4.0 files on a local webserver and 
point the installation scripts to that server instead of pypi for 
* in the near future I'll update the scripts to 2.4.0
* When somebody else then needs to run my script on their machine, I 
give the 2.4.0 file, or point them to my local mirror.
That way I can be sure that they can run the installation and all 
packages are found, because at anytime that file on pypi may have been 
removed and replaced by a 2.4.1 version...


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