[python-ldap] ldap.rst doc patch

Jeff Blaine jblaine at kickflop.net
Mon Jan 9 23:00:45 CET 2012

Can't find contact info @ python-ldap.org, so here:

--- ldap.rst	2012-01-09 16:57:47.000001000 -0500
+++ ldap.rst.new	2012-01-09 16:58:23.000002000 -0500
@@ -760,8 +760,8 @@
      Each element in the list *modlist* should be a tuple of the form
-   where *mod_op* indicates the operation (one of :py:const:`MOD_ADD`,
-   :py:const:`MOD_DELETE`, or :py:const:`MOD_REPLACE`),
+   where *mod_op* indicates the operation (one of :py:const:`ldap.MOD_ADD`,
+   :py:const:`ldap.MOD_DELETE`, or :py:const:`ldap.MOD_REPLACE`),
     *mod_type* is a string indicating the attribute type name, and
     *mod_vals* is either a string value or a list of string values to add,
     delete or replace respectively.  For the delete operation, *mod_vals*
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