[python-ldap] LDAP for Python 3.x

Dusan Stefanik stefanik at dsx.cz
Wed Apr 4 22:46:08 CEST 2012


for peoples who wants to play or test concepts based on py3 and
python-ldap can help my work (I call it translation :-) in att.

On 03/04/12 at 09:50pm, Michael Ströder wrote:
> David N. Smith wrote:
> > I'm interested in working on it, but last I heard you wanted to redesign things.
> I thought about whether it might be worth re-designing things. Not sure about
> this though. Mailing list readers are welcome to comment on that.

In my opinion if C-par of code working properly and you think is nice
and clean then don't touch it.
On the other hand python part needs seriosly change. C-code working in bytes
and in/out is typically bytes but python code is designed to use string
(in py3 unicode string).
I insterted several workarounds to code for converting bytes->string and
string->bytes to get it work. These workarounds have surely imapact on

> > Should we use this to start of a discussion on the new python 3 ldap lib?
> Yes. Also have a look in TODO.
> Ciao, Michael.


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