[python-ldap] Licensing

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Fri May 18 18:16:37 CEST 2012

Radomir Dopieralski wrote:
> we are using python-ldap in our project that we want to publish as open
> source software on behalf of our company. However, before we can do so, we
> have to clear all the licensing problems with our lawyers, in particular,
> we have to make sure that the licenses of all the libraries we use let us
> publish the code under an open source license.
> We collected all the licenses of all our dependencies, but there is a
> problem with python-ldap: the LICENSE file in the project's repository only
> mentions that python-ldap is distributed under a "python-style" license,
> and then has a disclaimer. However, it does not contain a specific text of
> the license or any reference to a particular version of "python license" --
> the page http://docs.python.org/license.html lists a number of different
> licenses for different versions of Python.
> Without a concrete text of the license for our lawyers to review we are
> blocked from releasing our project to the public, as it is perceived as
> threat to the company. Would it be possible to include a full text of the
> license in the LICENSE file, or an unambiguous reference to a specific
> license? That would help us a lot.

Mentioning a Python style license was my fault for two reasons:

1. It is an obstacle to incorporate python-ldap into Python's standard lib.

2. It's not precise enough as you already said.

Mainly the term "Python style" was used to express that you should be able to
do whatever you're allowed to do with Python.

The two authors (David and me) writing most of the code could agree on a quite
liberal open source license. But since we did not insist on written statements
to agree upon a license for the few contributions made by others we would have
to ask all contributors. Most of them are not subscribed to the list anymore I

Frankly I'm not sure what to do to clarify this unfortunate situation.

Ciao, Michael.

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