[python-ldap] Ldap search doesn't return all attributes required

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Wed Jun 13 10:36:05 CEST 2012

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Francisco Méndez wrote:
> 1. Yes.
> 2. I'm not sure that anonymous is allowed to read the attribute ... how can I
> check that?

Talk to your LDAP administrator about server-side access control. It's very
likely he wants to give you a service account your application has to bind
with. In general your application should be configurable regarding bind.

Ciao, Michael.

> 2012/6/13 Michael Ströder <michael at stroeder.com <mailto:michael at stroeder.com>>
>     Francisco Méndez wrote:
>     > The problem: not all atributtes are returned, I have no way to get
>     > "employeeNumber" attribute. No error given. Other attributes (cn,
>     > homeDirectory) are returned correctly.
>     Are you 100% sure that
>     1. the attribute is filled for all entries you read and
>     2. that the identity your application binds with (anonymous in your case) is
>     allowed to read the attribute?
>     Ciao, Michael.

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