[python-ldap] Error with expiring accounts

Polkosnik, Adam adam.polkosnik at ny.frb.org
Tue Mar 4 18:26:38 CET 2014

Hello there,
Would anybody be willing  to help me with getting to the bottom of this?

I've set up LDAP for some webapp, and I get this error:

LDAP Auth error: Received unexpected critical response control with controlType '2.16.840.1.113730.3.4.5'

I'm using python-ldap-2.4.14, and it gets thrown for accounts that get the warning about the accounts that have a password expiration in a few days.
Searching through the code, I figured that the handling should happen in Lib/ldap/controls/pwdpolicy.py since that's where the OID is defined.

The error is generated in

136           knownLDAPControls = knownLDAPControls or KNOWN_RESPONSE_CONTROLS
137           result = []
138           for controlType,criticality,encodedControlValue in ldapControlTuples or []:
139             try:
140               control = knownLDAPControls[controlType]()
141             except KeyError:
142               if criticality:
143                 raise ldap.UNAVAILABLE_CRITICAL_EXTENSION('Received unexpected critical response control with controlType %s' % (repr(controlType)))
144             else:
145               control.controlType,control.criticality = controlType,criticality
146               try:
147                 control.decodeControlValue(encodedControlValue)
148               except PyAsn1Error,e:
149                 if criticality:
150                   raise e
151               else:
152                 result.append(control)
153           return result

In my case I tried to get some more info through printing out more values in the exception:
criticality =-1,
encodedControlValue = 410453,
repr(controlType) = 2.16.840.1.113730.3.4.5
also, I tried to get value of control, but got:
LDAP Auth error: local variable 'control' referenced before assignment

Thanks in advance,
Adam Polkosnik

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