[python-ldap] Error with expiring accounts

Polkosnik, Adam adam.polkosnik at ny.frb.org
Tue Mar 4 20:35:14 CET 2014

I've not seen any mucking of any of those things, it goes something like this:

               import ldap, ldapurl
                    l = ldap.initialize('ldap://myldapserver:1390')
                    l.protocol_version = 3
                    l.set_option(ldap.OPT_TIMEOUT, app_timeout)
                    logger.info("Logging in username: %s" % usern)
                    l.simple_bind_s(usern, userp)
                    return usern
                except ldap.INVALID_CREDENTIALS:
                    logger.info("Invalid credentials: %s" % usern)
                except Exception, err:
                    logger.info("LDAP Auth error: %s" % err)

Adam Polkosnik

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Polkosnik, Adam wrote:
> I've set up LDAP for some webapp, and I get this error:
> LDAP Auth error: Received unexpected critical response control with controlType '2.16.840.1.113730.3.4.5'

Normally this should be handled automagically since this OID gets registered for class PasswordExpiringControl in ldap.control.KNOWN_RESPONSE_CONTROLS
which is used as default in DecodeControlTuples().

Is the calling application mucking with key-word argument resp_ctrl_classes when invoking LDAPObject.result3() or LDAPObject.result4()?

Ciao, Michael.

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