[python-ldap] search_s() appends failed referral references as results

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Thu Mar 27 08:47:50 CET 2014

Richard Li wrote:
> I'm working with some code that does LDAP authentication against
> ActiveDirectory, and I'm tracking an error down to a strange behavior in
> the search_s() of LDAPObject:
> It seems when a referral reference is returned with search results and
> referral reference couldn't be reached, search_s() leaves the them in the
> returned result list as a tuple (None, ['ldap://referral_uri'])
> Is that an intended behavior of search_s() ?

Yes, that's correct. Otherwise you would'nt receive search continuations. You
should simply sort them out.

BTW: You could configure your application to use the global catalog. No search
continuations are returned by AD in this case. The caveat is that not all user
entry attributes are available there.

Ciao, Michael.

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