[python-ldap] Status of Python 3 support for python-ldap

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Sun Jul 19 13:12:25 CEST 2015

David Riddle wrote:
> I am a software developer at the University of Illinois. We make
> extensive use of python-ldap in our python projects. We are looking to
> start moving to Python 3, and we would like to know what the status of
> Python 3 support is for python-ldap.

I'm watching Python 3 activities with interest but have currently no spare
time and no business to contribute.

So personally I'd favor to see a complete rewrite for Python 3 because of
these reasons:

0. People do have to touch their calling code when migrating it from Python 2
to Python 3 anyway.

1. A clear contribution policy has to be defined and enforced to be able to
solve the blurry licensing situation.

2. A rewrite would be a good chance to get better code-base for solving some
of the long out-standing issues (e.g. response controls in LDAPError
exception). Some of the current C code is a real mess hard to maintain.

The ultimate goal should be to contribute an LDAP module into Python's
standard lib which up to now was not possible because of licensing issues.

Therefore I consider all the current quick-patch approaches to be the wrong
approach. And especially it's hard to attract people to quickly contributed
maintain code for years.

Ciao, Michael.

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