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Thu Nov 19 00:03:31 EST 2015


I take sometime to report my disappointing experience with python-ldap :

I was having issue connecting to an LDAPS server, I did some research, 
and fall on some post on stackoverflow mentioning about 
"ldap.set_option(ldap.OPT_X_TLS_REQUIRE_CERT, ldap.OPT_X_TLS_NEVER)"

Then, I would like to better understand what these options where doing 
exactly, but the only reference about them in python-ldap documentation 
I could found are below :



So, I try to have look to the source code...

CVS, damn, I will need to download it and grep to find where are these 
options used...

A little to much work for an hacking night...

I think it could help if we could have the source code under Git and 
Github, what do you think?

Here documentation for to do so :

My understanding is that you can keep doing your stuff in CVS if you 
prefer to, but you can push your work into Git once in a wild, so you 
can publish an unofficial (I mean that you don't accept PR from there 
because you use CVS) snapshot of the CVS repo in Github so it is more 
convenient for us to dig into the code...

Thank you

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