[python-ldap] modifyModlist : are old and new values get compared somehow ?

mh at ow2.org mh at ow2.org
Tue Dec 1 08:12:19 EST 2015

Le 30/11/2015 13:10, Benjamin Dauvergne a écrit :
> Le 11/30, mh at ow2.org a écrit : >> Hi, >> >> In the following code, >> >> old = {'attr':['oldvalue']}
new = {'attr':['newvalue']} >> >> mod = modlist.modifyModlist(old,new)
>> >> l.modify_s(dn,mod) >> >> >> I'm not sure to fully understand the
documentation ; it seems the >> new attribute value is modified in all
case - whatever the value >> stored in old attr ; in this case what's
the point in specifying an >> 'oldvalue' ? > > As LDAP is a multivalued
database i.e. each attribute can have > multiple values, what's computed
by modifyModlist is a "diff": remove > old values, add new values. If
you want to keep some old values > because for example the schema forbid
a value to be missing (and > between the DELETE and the ADD there will
be a time where no value is > defined) you have create your modlist
yourself such as: > > l.modify_s(dn, [(ldap.MOD_REPLACE, attr,
['newvalue'])]) > > modlist.modifyModlist is just an helper function to
build such change > lists, possible value for the action are: -
ldap.MOD_ADD - > ldap.MOD_DELETE - ldap.MOD_REPLACE - ldap.MOD_INCREMENT >

Thank you Michael and Benjamin, I think I got it.

Let met reformulate what I've understood : the helper is only here to
compare what's in dicts and build a diff list intended to be passed to
modify() - it never gets compared values by accessing the LDAP directory
straight (I stumbled on that).

So if I need to get the attribute value from the directory *before*
updating it, I would need to use compare() isn't ?

A side question : when I print str(mod), I see the constant value as
number : is there a way to see that constant as constant name  ?(ie :


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