[python-ldap] [PATCH] fix corrupted search attributes

Carlos Sanchez papachoco at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 15:49:34 EST 2016


I am still seeing a TypeError (see below) with python_ldap-2.4.23 in python
2.7.11 (MacOSX - El capitan) using openldap-2.4.43.tgz

Thanks a lot



args = (u'OU=Accounts,DC=sooner,DC=net,DC=ou,DC=edu', 2,
u'sAMAccountName=cald3307', None, 0, None, None, -1, 0)

self = LDAP Connector (connected) -

func = <built-in method search_ext of LDAP object at 0x117c50fd0>

TypeError: 'expected list of strings or None’
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