[python-ldap] feature request: be more lenient in LDIFParser

Jephte Clain jephte.clain at univ-reunion.fr
Sat Feb 6 04:40:55 EST 2016


FYI, I made feature request #18 on
http://sourceforge.net/p/python-ldap/feature-requests/18/ to make
LDIFParser more lenient

here is the description of the feature and the patch is attached:
from the "be lenient with what you parse, be strict in what you write"
departement, I attach a patch which support ldif input with several
blank and/or comment lines between objects
I don't know if this behavior is correct wrt the LDIF standard, but it
is useful for me, because I have LDIF files with comments written by
humans, e.g:

# silly example
dn: uid=one,dc=tld
uid: one

# another silly example
dn: uid=two,dc=tld
uid: two

with the current parser, uid=two is not read because there are two
"blanks" lines before

BTW, is there any plan to migrate python-ldap development to github or
any other similar service based on git?
It has been a long time since I last used CVS. These are all good memories :-)

very best regards,

Jephté CLAIN | Développeur, Intégrateur d'applications
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Direction des Systèmes d'Information
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