[python-ldap] State of Mac OS X support

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Wed Feb 24 04:04:02 EST 2016

Rob McBroom wrote:
> On 23 Feb 2016, at 15:46, Michael Ströder wrote:
>> What's the current state of running python-ldap on Mac OS X?
>> The download page still links to a receipt for compiling libldap separately.
>> Is that still state-of-the-art?
> I wrote that. It was true for 10.7, but 10.8 and everything after have worked as
> expected. That is, you can just install the package normally (assuming you have
> the dev tools installed).
> I mentioned that, but maybe you missed it. :-)
> http://projects.skurfer.com/posts/2011/python_ldap_lion/#comment-623977984

I usually ignore even blog posts. But blog comments I never read.

I'm not familiar with Mac OS X at all and never will be.
Therefore it would be nice if you contribute a small text summarizing the
current situation to be added on the download page.

Ciao, Michael.

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