[python-ldap] State of Mac OS X support

Rob McBroom mailinglist0 at skurfer.com
Wed Feb 24 08:53:27 EST 2016

On 24 Feb 2016, at 8:22, Michael Ströder wrote:

> Are you referring to this text?
> "Command Line Tools for Xcode: xcode-select --install,
> https://developer.apple.com/downloads or Xcode 3"


> Or is the whole homebrew system needed?

No, Homebrew is not needed. I just knew they would have a good summary 
of what you *do* need.

> Would a sentence like "install xcode and then install via pip" 
> summarize it?

Technically, yes.

But it might be nice to let people know they don’t necessarily need 
the multi-gigabyte Xcode IDE. If all you’re doing is Python stuff, you 
probably only need what they call the Command Line Tools, which can be 
installed with `xcode-select --install`.

Maybe you should just say something like “Set up a suitable 
development environment by running `xcode-select --install`. When 
that’s done, you can install Python-LDAP from PyPI.”

People that need the full-blown Xcode can probably figure out how to get 
it, and it doesn’t conflict with the Command Line Tools, so it won’t 
hurt if they install both.

Rob McBroom

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