[python-ldap] Server-side Sorting control lib

Simon Pichugin spichugi at redhat.com
Thu Apr 7 08:05:35 EDT 2016

Hello, python-ldap community!

My name is Simon. I am from Red Hat, Red Hat Directory Server team.
I've started to work closely with python-ldap and I want to contribute
to it.

For a start, I want to make Server-side Sorting control lib better
(Lib/ldap/controls/sss.py). I've copied it and have tested with 
389 Directory Server and it works.

Only one thing. For now it should be run like this (regarding 389ds):
>>> s = SSSRequestControl(['-cn'])

Not like it's mentioned in the doc string on line 51:
>>> s = SSSRequestControl('-cn')

Because then we have a problem on the line 70, where we will iterate
through our rule string and divide it into chars.

Also, I see "rule.split(':')" there on line 76. So we can either go this way
with one string like 'cn:sn' or just put list of attributes there like
['cn', 'sn'] and add variable for reverse ordering posibility.

And one more thing. I also want to add tests for this feature.

So here comes the question. What does my course of action should look like
if I want to help the project?


P.S. as I see, sss.py is not in the setup.py now.
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