[python-ldap] Issues with modifiModlist

Facundo Acevedo facevedo at openmailbox.org
Thu Nov 24 07:58:31 EST 2016

Hello, I've realized that the parameter of the old attribute is the same
length that the new, modifyModlist do not works as expected, it returns
an empty list.

Example code for reproduce the issue:

import ldap.modlist as modlist

value = "Python"
reversed_value = value[::-1]
old = {}
new = {}
old["sn"] = value
new["sn"] = reversed_value

ldif = modlist.modifyModlist(old, new)

I think the problem is in ldap/modlist.py:95
replace_attr_value = len(old_value)!=len(new_value)

Version information:
Name: python-ldap
Version: 2.4.27
Python 2.7.12

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