[python-ldap] ReconnectLDAPObject and server controls in search results?

Jen Fong jfong at yelp.com
Wed Dec 7 16:53:27 EST 2016

Hi folks--

I currently have some code that uses ReconnectLDAPObject and search_s to
enable automatic reconnecting to a flaky server.

I now need to support fetching more results than is allowed by our
server-side limit, so plan to use the SimplePagedResultsControl to fetch
the results in pages.

However, I couldn't find in the documentation how to retrieve the resulting
control cookie in order to progress to the next page when using
LDAPObject.search_ext_s since it returns simply the list of results for the
page. Is it possible to use SimplePagedResultsControls with
ReconnectLDAPObject.search_ext_s ?
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