[python-ldap] Anyone using python-ldap's dsml module?

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Sun Nov 12 07:55:13 EST 2017

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Is anyone here using the dsml module shipped with python-ldap?
> Rather I'd like to drop dsml module from python-ldap for these reasons:
> - it only supports DSMLv1
> - AFAIK no-one uses it anyway
> - it's stand-alone and could be easily shipped as separate module if needed
> - I have no spare-time maintaining it
> So if anyone would like use it any longer speak up now.

I did not here from anyone that module dsml is of any use.

It will be dropped in python-ldap 2.5.0+.

Ciao, Michael.

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