[python-ldap] [PATCH] Tests: Don't overwrite the server attribute of parent class

Miro Hrončok mhroncok at redhat.com
Thu Nov 16 17:30:58 EST 2017

On 16.11.2017 17:11, Michael Ströder wrote:
> Michael Ströder wrote:
>> Nevertheless I agree that the class method should not change the class.
>> [..]
>> I wonder why you only tweaked t_ldapobject.py because the very same call
>> to SlapdTestCase.setUpClass() is also in t_cext.py.

That was because that particular place bit us and I forgot to look to 
other places. My mistake, sorry.

> I've committed changes to t_cext.py and t_ldapobject.py to be released
> in 2.5.2.

Thank You.

Miro Hrončok
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