[python-ldap] Patch: ldap.syncrepl UUID constructors use bytes (Python 3 compatbility)

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Sat Nov 18 09:25:01 EST 2017


Michael Ströder wrote:
> Karl Kornel wrote:
>> The problem is this: In Python 3, the UUID class constructor’s “bytes” input requires
>> that you provide a bytes object.
>> [..]
>> This patch also works on test code I have in development
>> (https://github.com/akkornel/syncrepl), running on Python 2.7 with python-ldap 2.4.38.
>> But, I understand that you might not want to accept this until the t_syncrepl.py is
>> more complete.
> Thanks for your submission.
> AFAIK the built-in function bytes() was introduced in Python 2.6. So unfortunately this
> raises a question about back-ward compability to older Python versions.

Now that python-ldap 2.5.x requires Python 2.7 I've committed your patch
to HEAD. Please test.

Ciao, Michael.

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