[python-ldap] syncrepl fix for pyasn1 >= 0.3

Ilya Etingof ilya at glas.net
Sun Nov 19 10:57:27 EST 2017

Hi Michael,

I think pyasn1 0.4.1 is mostly ready to be released. I have been trying to run relevant Python-LDAP tests with pyasn1 master [1] to make sure there are no regressions. Tests pass but I am not convinced they actually run through the pyasn1 code at all.

So I wonder if you have a proper test bench handy to give it a quick try?  Or teach me how to run them locally.

Thanks!  ;-)

1. https://github.com/etingof/pyasn1

> On 13 Nov 2017, at 12:42, Michael Ströder <michael at stroeder.com> wrote:
> Ilya Etingof wrote:
>> Here is my first take on the `default` feature:
>>     https://github.com/etingof/pyasn1/pull/100
> Looks good to me.
>> I appreciate your suggestions and feedback!
> And I'm really glad you're working on it so quickly.
> Do you have plans to release 0.4.1 soon?
> Ciao, Michael.

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