[python-ldap] Future of python-ldap.org - an introduction, and a plan

Carlos Sanchez papachoco at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 11:47:58 EST 2017

Any plans for pypy/pypy3 support?


On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 9:46 AM, Petr Viktorin <pviktori at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> As you might have heard, Michael Ströder decided to step down from
> maintaining python-ldap.
> Michael, I would like to thank you for the years of maintenance and
> development. Python's LDAP story would be nowhere near where it is now if
> it weren't for you.
> I hope to work together again in the future.
> Speaking of future: in a few days, SourceForge will shut down its CVS
> hosting. And as CVS is fading into obsolescence, Python 2 has a few last
> years of bugfix-only support left. The python-ldap project now needs
> something more than just new development and bug fixes.
> That's where I can help, so I've volunteered to step up as a new
> maintainer, provided that we don't find anyone better.
> I can't, of course, hope to replace Michael. I don't know that much about
> LDAP. My contributions will be mostly limited to the administration side of
> things.
> As for my background – my day job is Python maintenance for Fedora-derived
> distros. I've been involved with pyldap, a fork of python-ldap that adds
> Python 3 support.
> I hope to bring Python 3 support into python-ldap, as that's the mission
> that originally brought me to this project.
> My current plan is:
> # Move to Git
> Git is currently the most popular open-source version control system, and
> also one I'm familiar with.
> The pyldap project has a branch of history imported from CVS, so
> conversion should not be a problem.
> # Move to GitHub and Pagure.
> GitHub (https://github.com/) is nowadays the most popular Git hosting
> provider. Its one big disadvantage is that it's closed-source and
> proprietary.
> Pagure (https://pagure.io/) is another Git hosting site, which is
> open-source. Hopefully that will work for those opposed to GitHub.
> (And plain old patch e-mails still work, of course.)
> # Moderate this list
> Starting today, I'm a moderator here at python-ldap at python.org. I hope to
> keep it a friendly place.
> # Move the documentation to Read the Docs
> https://readthedocs.org/ is quite a nice service for hosting Sphinx-based
> documentation. Let's put the docs there.
> # Move the website to Read the Docs
> If possible, I'll merge the website into the documentation, and point
> python-ldap.org there.
> If that doesn't work out for any reason, I'll search for another reliable
> free-of-charge hosting service for static webpages.
> # Merge changes from the pyldap project
> The Python 3 fork was, from the start, intended to be merged back if at
> all possible. If I get to maintain python-ldap, that's what will happen. If
> possible, I'd like to do it as a series of reviewed changes rather than
> import everything wholesale.
> # Continue maintaining
> After this I will, as my time allows, merge reviewed code, help with
> Python- or Git-related problems, moderate discussions, and generally make
> it possible for code authors and reviewers to do their work.
> If you have any comments or concerns, or would like to help, please speak
> up!
> --
> Petr Viktorin
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