[python-ldap] ANN: python-ldap 3.0.0

Petr Viktorin pviktori at redhat.com
Tue Mar 13 09:11:00 EDT 2018

Find a new release of python-ldap:


Notable changes since 2.4.45 (depending on what you are upgrading from, 
some may already be in your current version):

* This is the first official release with Python 3 support. This 
includes "bytes mode" to ease porting from Python 2; see the 
documentation for more details: 
* The module `ldap.async` is renamed to `ldap.asyncsearch`
* python-ldap now depends on pyasn1 and pyasn1_modules. When python-ldap 
is installed using pip, these are pulled in automatically.
* Dropped support for Python 2.6 and 3.3
* Lots of other fixes and enhancement -- see the full list below.

If you find any issues, please report them either on this mailing list 
or on the GitHub tracker:


About the project:

     python-ldap provides an object-oriented API to access LDAP directory
     servers from Python programs. It mainly wraps the OpenLDAP 2.x libs
     for that purpose. Additionally it contains modules for other
     LDAP-related stuff (e.g. processing LDIF, LDAP URLs and LDAPv3

Project's web site:


After years of being hosted by Michael Ströder (thank you!), the 
project's website was merged with the documentation, and is hosted at 
Read the Docs & Cloudflare.

Git commit hash for the release:
     python-ldap-3.0.0  6e0dca67594dd90270864fcf24780472458ae642

Released 3.0.0 2018-03-12

Changes since 3.0.0b4:

* Add bytes_strictness to allow configuring behavior on bytes/text mismatch

* Add argument name to bytes mode TypeError
* Use correct integer types for BER encode/decode (fix for big endian 

* Set $LDAPNOINIT in all tests
* Add test for secure TLS default
* Ignore SASL methods in DSE test (fix for restricted environments)
* Remove filterstr workaround from syncrepl test
* Explicitly set TLS_REQUIRE_CERT option to TLS_HARD in test_tls_ext_noca

* Link to bytes mode from text-string arguments in the ldap module

* Include lber in list of libraries in setup.cfg

Released 3.0.0b4 2018-01-10

Changes since 3.0.0b3:

Removed support for Python 3.3, which reached its end-of-life 2017-09-29.

* Make default argument values work under bytes_mode
* Update use of map() to use list/set comprehensions instead

* Refactor syncrepl tests to run with bytes_mode

* Document all_records attribute of LDIFRecordList

Released 3.0.0b3 2017-12-20

Changes since 3.0.0b2:

The functions `ldap.open()`, `ldap.init()`, `ldif.CreateLDIF()`
and `ldif.ParseLDIF()`, which were deprecated for over a decade,
are scheduled for removal in python-ldap 3.1.

* Require setuptools to build
* Start running automatic tests on PyPy

* When raising LDAPBytesWarning, give helpful code locations
* Use modern Python idioms in several places
* Avoid reimplementing UserDict.get() in cidict and models.Entry

* Use https links

* Add reproducer for openldap's NSS shutdown/restart issue
* Make testing on non-Linux platforms easier

Released 3.0.0b2 2017-12-11

Changes since 3.0.0b1:

The module `ldap.async` is renamed to `ldap.asyncsearch`, due to
`async` becoming a keyword in Python 3.7.
The old module name is deprecated, but will be available as long
as Python 3.6 is supported.

* Use custom ldap.LDAPBytesWarning class
* Rename ldap.async to ldap.asyncsearch

* Support None for set_option(OPT_TIMEOUT) and OPT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT
* Fix error reporting of LDAPObject.set_option()
* Change memory handling in attrs_from_List()

* Remove workaround for OpenLDAP NSS issue

* Use uniform shebang in all demos

* Provide build deps for Alpine and CentOS
* Move sample workflow out of the main Contributing guide

* Add valgrind target to check for memory leaks
* Minimal configuration for pytest

Released 3.0.0b1 2017-12-04

Changes since 2.4.45:
(this list includes changes from 2.5.x)

New dependencies (automatically installed when using pip):
* pyasn1 0.3.7+
* pyasn1_modules 0.1.5+

Python 3 support and bytes_mode:
* merged from the pyldap fork (https://github.com/pyldap)
* please see documentation on bytes_mode and text/bytes handling:

Removed support for Python 2.6.

* Move to Git
* Don't define search path for includes and libs in the default setup.cfg
* Include sasl/sasl.h from the standard path
* Re-format README to ReStructured Text
* Setup for automatic testing using Travis CI
* Add coverage reporting for Python and C
* Add install requires into setup.py
* Remove distclean.sh in favor of make clean
* Use `package`, `depends`, `install_requires` in setup.py
* Add make target for scan-build (static analysis using clang)
* Add make target and suppression file for Valgrind (memory checker)

* Remove unused LDAPberval helper functions
* Fix type conversion in page control
* Fix multiple ref leaks in error-handling code
* Fix reference leak in result4
* Fix several compiler warnings
* Fix memory leak in whoami
* Fix internal error handling of LDAPControl_to_List()
* Fix two memory leaks and release GIL in encode_assertion_control
* Allow set_option() to set timeouts to infinity
and, thanks to Michael Ströder:
* removed unused code schema.c
* moved code from version.c to ldapmodule.c
* removed obsolete back-ward compability constants from common.h
* build checks whether LDAP_API_VERSION is OpenLDAP 2.4.x
* _ldap.__author__ and _ldap.__license__ also set from ldap.pkginfo
* assume C extension API for Python 2.7+

* Avoid eval() for getting module-level variables to fix running under 
* Compability changes for pyasn1 0.3 or newer
and, thanks to Michael Ströder:
* ldap.__version__, ldap.__author__ and ldap.__license__ now
   imported from new sub-module ldap.pkginfo also to setup.py
* Added safety assertion when importing _ldap:
   ldap.pkginfo.__version__ must match _ldap.__version__
* removed stand-alone module dsml
* slapdtest.SlapdObject.restart() just restarts slapd
   without cleaning any data
* The methods SSSResponseControl.decodeControlValue() and
   VLVResponseControl.decodeControlValue() now follow the coding
   convention to use camel-cased ASN.1 name as class attribute name.
   The old class names are still set for back-ward compability
   but should not be used in new code because they might be removed
   in a later release.
* removed SSSRequestControl from ldap.controls.KNOWN_RESPONSE_CONTROLS
* removed all dependencies on modules string and types
* removed use of .has_key()
* removed class ldap.ldapobject.NonblockingLDAPObject
* new global constant ldap.LIBLDAP_API_INFO
* right after importing _ldap there is a call into libldap to initialize it
* method .decodeControlValue() of SSSResponseControl and VLVResponseControl
   does not set class attribute result_code anymore
* always use bytes() for UUID() constructor in ldap.syncrepl
* module ldif now uses functions b64encode() and b64decode()
* fixed pickling and restoring of ReconnectLDAPObject

* Automatically try some common locations for SCHEMADIR
* Ensure server is stopped when the process exits
* Check for LDAP schema and slapd binaries
* slapdtest is now a package and includes testing certificates

* Expand cidict membership test
* Add test suite for binds
* Add test suite for edits
* Add a smoke-check for listall() and attribute_types()
* Add test case for SASL EXTERNAL auth
* Add tests for start_tls
* In CI, treat compiler warnings as fatal errors
* Added tests for ldap.syncrepl
and, thanks to Michael Ströder:
* added explicit reconnect tests for ReconnectLDAPObject
* scripts do not directly call SlapdTestCase.setUpClass() anymore
* added LDIF test with folded, base64-encoded attribute
* added more tests for sub-module ldap.dn

* Build documentation without the compiled C extension
* Merge contents from python-ldap.org
* Move reference documentation in its own section
* Document return value of {modify,add,delete}_ext_s() as a tuple
* Add tests for documentation (build & spelling)
* Link to documentation of old versions
* Add a contributing guide

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