[python-ldap] Overlays and python-ldap

Éloi Rivard eloi.rivard at aquilenet.fr
Mon Nov 16 11:10:30 EST 2020


I would like to check what overlays are installed and enabled in a
slapd instance (for instance ppolicy or memberof). I am not really sure
how to achieve this, and was hopping to find some clues here.

Also, by playing with the ObjectClass [1] class and the subschema
module, I can find all the available attributes for a given class, say
inetOrgPerson. Enabling the memberof module would allow a new virtual
'memberof' attribute. However I could not manage to get the information
"the memberof attribute is available on that class" in a pythonic way.

Do you have some clues? Should I open a feature request ticket?

Thank you


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