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Fri Apr 9 01:02:11 CEST 1999

Daye <daye at> wrote:
> does anyone know if still use python for their
> search engine? Thanks.

There was an article in Python Journal dated about 7/98 in which
Andy Feit of Infoseek says that they still use Python heavily and
that they make Python available to customers who want to customize
there Intranet seek engines.  A relevant quote from that article:

"The other thing that Python gives our product is that, when
customers come to us and ask 'Can you customize it to do such and
such?', we almost alwasy say yes.  ... We have patching points in a
language that is flexible enough to do almost anything."

Feit also makes comments that indicate confidence that his
customers will be able to make the Infoseek engine do anything. 
And that just makes me drool with envy. I wish my company's product
could do that.  I'm trying to make it so.

Python Journal is at:

but when I tried a few minutes ago, I was denied access to this

  - Dave

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