Zope for python.org?

Paul Everitt paul at digicool.com
Fri Aug 13 08:08:29 EDT 1999

bwarsaw at python.org wrote:
> >>>>> "DCG" == Dinu C Gherman <gherman at my-deja.com> writes:
>     DCG> Would it be desirable to turn python.org into a Python
>     DCG> "portal site" using the increasingly popular Zope product?
> I'm very interested in looking at Zopifying python.org at some point,
> probably after Zope 2.0 is released.  If it helps better serve the
> Python community by allowing a more direct distributed management of
> the site, and coincidentally makes my job as webmaster easier, I'm all
> for it.

Yes, we've had some discussions on it.  Our goal here is to get Zope2
and the portal toolkit stuff running and useful on the new
soon-to-be-announced zope.org site.  I think it shows promise, and will
provide a platform for collecting a lot of ideas about content, but
right now the glitches would drain way too much of Barry's time.

September is a good time to start thinking more seriously about it. 
We'll probably discuss it at DCPIGgie.


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