Wacky Programming Tales (Was Re: Why use Perl when we've got Python?!)

Brad Howes bradh at mediaone.net
Sun Aug 15 04:37:08 CEST 1999

Sorry to intrude on this love fest...

sholden at pgrad.cs.usyd.edu.au (Sam Holden) writes:

> It's like someone who starts a C program with :
> #define BEGIN {
> #define END }

Hey! I actually worked on a project where someone did this! Also in their
funky include file was

  #define AND &&
  #define OR  ||

It was the most bizarre thing I ever saw -- not so much the include file,
but the resulting code. As if a Pascal moths had come in, eaten at some
code and left little Wirth fragments sprinkled around. Has anyone else
encountered such strange programming behavior?

...now back to my language is bigger/longer/wider/stiffer than yours

Brad Howes                    bradh at mediaone.net

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