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Tue Aug 31 20:40:52 CEST 1999

Phil Hunt <philh at> wrote:

: The Parrot tool has other potential advantages, e.g: 

: 1. you only have to learn one syntax, that can then be used for
: lots of languages and GUI libraries.

Which is completely useless, becouse you have to learn new syntax anyway
if you want your program do something more than draw a pictures on
screen. You need to learn details of language and GUI library to take
advantage of it. If you don't - why change a library? And this is main
reason of obscure errors, inefficient code and other bad things which
happen to frequently - attempt to use tool without learning it. It is
better to use only one language and one toolkit, but know it well.

: 2. assuming the right import and export tools have been written,
: Parrot can allow you to use one GUI builder to output to a different
: GUI, for example you could design your GUI in Glade, and use Parrot
: to output it as a series of C++ files for KDE/Qt.

I've assumed that whole idea behind Parrot is that GUI builders are
evil, which I agree wholehearthly, becouse there is (yet) no way to
create functionality using point'n'click appoach and functionality is
the first thing programmer should care about.

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