Why use Python when we've got Perl?

C.Laurence Gonsalves clgonsal at keeshah.penguinpowered.com
Fri Aug 27 09:29:22 CEST 1999

On 26 Aug 1999 10:33:03 -0500, Abigail <abigail at delanet.com> wrote:
> David Oppenheimer (davidopp at megsinet.net) wrote on MMCLXXXVI September
> MCMXCIII in <URL:news:37C552DF.9F90BA36 at megsinet.net>:
> $$ 
> $$ That being said, are there ways to integrate Python and Perl to do things
> $$ that neither one can do alone?!
> Since Python and Perl are Turing equivalent, what things are you refering to?

Write a powerful and useful script that is both:
 - easy to understand and maintain
 - only 6 characters long

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