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Dan Schmidt dfan at
Thu Aug 19 13:35:44 EDT 1999

Tom Christiansen <tchrist at> writes:

| Online searchable documentation is critical in a technical subject
| like this.  Imagine libc without manpages!  Or having no manpages
| for the shell tools. Now, you might now be aware of this, but I
| happened to *write* most of that on-line documenation for Perl.  I'm
| super senstitive to not being able to look up docs using standard
| CLI text-based tools.  As you said, you would be frustrated not to
| have docs for tools or libraries.

I use the documentation in info format, which is basically plaintext
and easily searchable with text-based tools.  Select "GNU Info" from

I'm not trying to be an apologist for the lack of man pages, just
helping you find the plaintext documentation you (and I) prefer.

(no courtesy cc's, please)

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