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Fri Aug 20 03:52:50 EDT 1999

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 Dan Connolly <connolly at> wrote:
! parting shot: CPAN is cool, but I find it frustrating that I can't
! read the documentation for a module without downloading
! and upacking the module. for example, I can browse
! the list of modules,
! but say I find one I'm interested in:
! Mac::Comm::
! ::OT_PPP        RdpO Control Open Transport PPP / Remote Access   CNANDOR
! the only link goes to the Author contact info. Gee thanks.

that is usually no longer a valid complaint --- try the CPAN
front end at '', in particular, the search

I entered Mac::Com in the box and got back:

Mac-Comm-OT_PPP-1.20.tar.gz [readme / module list] 3.6 1998-01-06 CNANDOR
Mac::Comm::OT_PPP [ documentation]: Interface to Open Transport PPP

(and yes, those are links to the .tgz itself, the readme, a list of
modules in the package; and, surprise, "[documentation]" links to the
html'ified manpage).


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