Why use Perl when we've got Python?!

Gary O'Keefe gary at onegoodidea.com
Tue Aug 24 14:40:17 CEST 1999

A keyboard was whacked upside Xah's head and out came:

[ a vast and rambling discourse snipped ]

>AppleScript only looks English, but does not have all the essential
>qualities of natural languages. Like Python and others, it's too consistent
>and ram some OOP or Object Models down your throat. Don't start me on Apple.
>When it comes to Apple, they always push for useless change. In the past
>years they degraded programers' social status with the oh--sooo-cute color
>iMacs and G3 towers, and in September they'll have this
>oh--sooo-cute-I'm-drooling iBook and AirPort technology probably semi-stolen
>from unix's RFC standards. (RFC is an abbreviation for Really Fucking

IIRC, AirPort is licensed from Lucent. 

Anyway... damn straight! Back to the bad old days of gnawing out the
holes in punched cards with your canines, 'cos the hole punching
machine costs another $500,000, fits into a small warehouse, uses
enough electricity to electrocute England and weighs more than the
Earth itself. Programming that got respect. Real spit and bailing-wire
programming. None of this namby-pamby open-up-a-spreadsheet-record-
a-macro-and-knock-it-about-a-bit "programming" for us, eh?

How unfortunate that computers (and programming) have been brought to
the attention of the bungled and the botched by the Great Satan Apple
and their evil couterparts in Redmond. When the proletariat figure out
how easy all this stuff *really* is, then they're going to turn on us
and rip us to shreds like a pack of hungry wolves for charging them so
damned much all these years.

>As Larry has well said, Perl is a post-modern language. The language of the
>New Age era.

Pity all the hippies have got colostomy bags and Zimmer frames these
days. We're post-post-modern now, or hadn't you heard? (Turn up the
hearing aid... ;)


p.s. To the other poster (who I really cannot be bothered searching
for) who asked if the point of learning programming was just to earn
vast lumps of cold, hard cash at a F500 company: yes it is.
Gary O'Keefe
gary at onegoodidea.com

You know the score - my current employer has nothing to do with what I post

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