Does Python run under Windows 2000? (build 2031)

Max M. Stalnaker stalnaker at
Sun Aug 15 21:04:28 CEST 1999

It works for me, but I am on build 2072, which I think of as RC1.  2031
sounds like beta 3.

In my configuration, win32all-125, in common with some other software, puts
some dlls into the c:\documents and settings subdirectories, unexpectedly.
This results in a need to use regedit and then manually register some com
components.  Not all users have reported this to be true.

I spent $50 for registration of win32all with Mark Hammond and he provided
excellent technical support for me in getting past the regedit and com
registration difficulties.  This is very nice to have on an unsupported os.

python itself showed no difficulties in installing.

"James E. Green" wrote:

> I'm running Windows 2000 RC1 (build 2031, the very latest).  Will Python
> run under this OS?  Only NT4 is mentioned on the Python web page.
> Thanks, Jim Green

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